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 - What is the Lifecycle? ;
 - Table: Products and Dates of Support End ;

What is the Lifecycle?

 - The lifecycle is the period of time, usually 1 year from release, during which a product receives support, including feature and security updates, as well as up-to-date download links. Lack of support means that all the care put into a specific edition is no longer provided. The developers may delay or shorten (if there is a lack of users) the support time.
 - To get started, take a look at the table below. It will indicate the products, along with the date they shall be supported up to. The information in this table is presented edition by edition, and arranged into product categories. For example, Service Packs or annual editons of OverRender OverText will be shown under the same category.

Products and Dates of Support End

Product Name & Edition End of Support
OverRender OverText 2022 RTM 2023 May 25th
OverRender OverText 2022 Service Pack 1 2023 October 23rd
OverRender OverText 2022 Service Pack 2 2024 December 14
OverRender OverText 2022 Service Pack 3 2025 May 29th OverText Lite 2021 2022 August 12th
OverRender OverPicture 2022 Beta 1 2022 August 31st
OverRender OverPicture 2022 2022 September 28th
OverRender OverPicture 2023 2024 May 1st
OverRender OverMedia 2022 2026 February 23rd (Support extended from 2024 to 2026)

- Product Name;
- No longer Supported;
- Not Released yet;

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